Editor and historian for Monmouth College. Avid researcher of western Illinois history for 40 years. FB and Twitter. jrankin@monmouthcollege.edu
Meredith Willson in a publicity photo from about the time he appeared at Monmouth College.
Zimmerman’s original Monmouth barbershop was located beneath the old Monmouth National Bank, now the site of City Hall
Stunned, sad and scared, Monmouth College students attend an impromptu convocation in the chapel on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.

Original Olmstead’s mill bridge, looking west. Photographer Paul Kobler took this photo for the Warren County Highway Department in 1940. It was replaced by an open steel bridge shortly thereafter.

An early photo of the Rev. Meneilly in the pulpit of Village Church. (Image courtesy of Village Church)

Calvin Bryce Hoover as a senior at Monmouth College in 1922, and as a renowned Duke University economist in the 1960s

Alice Tinkham boards the Cannon Ball bus at Kirkwood in 1927, en route to Monmouth College.

In this cracked glass-plate photograph, prisoners enjoy a Fourth of July celebration in the yard at Joliet, not long after McClaughry spoke at Monmouth.

Myra Tubbs at age 14 in Kirkwood, and years later as an influential director of the National Bank of Monmouth, a post she would occupy for 46 years.

Occupying the east ground floor of the Homestead Savings & Loan building, Mayfred’s continued Allen’s retail tradition for 26 years.

Jeff Rankin

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